Ateljé Djupvike is an artist’s vision of a combined home and studio designed and brought to life by Ateljé Ö. It is an extremely thought-through house that was thoroughly formed in a several years long collaboration between architect and client along with a number of artisans and artists (all friends and colleagues of the client). The small compound – the estate consists of five different structures including a root cellar – sits on a wild, flower clad field by a rocky cove on the east coast of Gotland. The air is filled by the soft smell of the sea and when the sun rises out of the ocean it makes the house shine bright like a diamond in the hilly landscape. The single story buildings have an obvious horizontality with its flat roofs and the entire ensemble framed by low stone walls drawing lines in the landscape. The site was home to the remains of an old farm and the new buildings were erected following that farm’s layout. In that way the orientation and spatial relations of the new houses anchors the project with the history of the place. 

The house is a sophisticated, calm creation with playful features, a bathroom is dressed in pink apricot marble terrazzo and a bedroom ceiling is filled by a big, blue painting of vines, monkeys and birds. Huge floor to ceiling windows open the main house up towards the baltic sea. The movement of the water, the small Island on the horizon and the elements creates a serene but ever changing view. A combination of concrete, carefully treated pine wood inspired by the surrounding landscape and plaster makes a tranquil inside of the houses. The walls of the project, inside as well as outside, mirror the colors of the sun burnt field that lies between the house and the ocean.


Photographer: Martin Brusewitz

Building permit: Skälsö Arkitekter

Construction Drawings and Execution: Ateljé Ö